The Miléa Brand

Calling the passionate wanderer, sunset chaser and dreamer.
We invite you to come on a journey with us, drifting upon resort winds.

Inspired by the allure of an endless summer, Miléa was designed around the appeal of iconic global resort
destinations. Native florals, tropical landscapes, and rich cultures shape the patterns, textures, and details
of the Miléa collections.
Miléa captivates with the spirit of seasonless travel, whilst encompassing core values of femininity,
intelligence and aspiration. From the poolside to the bar, watching sunsets, sipping sparkling, Miléa caters
for resort glamour and easy luxe.

Luxurious designs. Delicately ornate details.
 The romance of seasonless travel.


Meet the Designer

“Each collection takes me on a journey. I think about where I want the season to take me. I draw inspiration
from rich cultural tapestries; fabrics of life, eclectic mixes of colours and prints. I dream about hiking
through lush rainforests, taking long romantic beach walks or indulging in decadent evenings drinking
aperitifs by the pool. With this appealing resort lifestyle in mind, I think about how it can be represented in
prints and reflected in the silhouettes of each range.
I submerge myself in the creative process, concepting story boards and researching what is influencing
swim and resortwear trends. It could be a shape, texture or a colour that is the launching off point. Then
I combine all of the ingredients to balance the range covering the various fits with attention to detail.
We obsess intricacies of the trims, fastenings and internal construction. The end result is something that
reflects the Miléa woman and the brand’s values; romantic, enduring, aspirational and worldly in nature.”
Leigh Hawkes, Head Designer Miléa




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